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Why Qmobile


Qmobile has been designed to monitor life of saving groups to the smallest detail.  All individual transactions (savings, loans, deposits, ...) are stored in a central cloud data base  and can be continuously monitored.


Quality Control

Using Qmobile, all different aspects about a saving group's evolution can be tracked for quality control purposes. Almost real-time information will allow for a quick response to any  necessary intervention.



Social Impact

Tracking social impact indicartors is easy with Qmobile.  Either quantitative indicators like # of groups, # of members, accumulated savings, # of disbursed loans, total amount disbursed  or qualitative measures tracked through specific socio-economic surveys. 



Data Analytics

All relevant information can be stored  at an individual group member level. Information can be aggregated at different levels for analytical purposes.  Information can also be exported to Excel files. 



"Without technology, scalability of any project is very limited today".

"Qmobile is an essential tool to monitor quality and measure social impact".  

"Without a bank account, saving Group members have on-line access to all their personal and group information: saings, ,loans, deposits, etc". 

"Qmobile makes it posible to generate individual and group credit  ratings"


Groups and individual members can download the Qmobile App and track their savings and loans without a bank account.



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